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Featured Books for December 8, 2017
Charice Kiernan

Print Length: 115 pages 115 pages ASIN: B077KLNCSH
Rank: none none Publication Date: none none
I am a yoga instructor with more than 10 years under my belt. I came into contact with yoga and meditation at a young age. After dedicating many years of my life to studying the profound Eastern teachings, combined with a daily yoga and meditation practice, I found an inner peace that I had never experienced before.
The oposite of casting a spell are the stones. Place the stone. The stones. Stones. lol Now you dont have to wait for the mean dragon to explain! lol Try a precious healing crystal. If you can make them ring, there is no end to it, which is really, really hard to do. Charice Kiernan explains it in a way that wont break you in half. Well maybe not. Draw a mote. lol
Featured Books for December 1, 2017
Libre Paley

Print Length: 28 pages 28 pages ASIN: B0747N4WRQ
Rank: none none Publication Date: none none
Kenna has often taken advantage of the extraordinary services offered by ‘the Estate’, an exclusive establishment catering to women’s every erotic fantasy. She selects with care those experiences certain to meet her sexual desires. And never leaves disappointed.
Really. I think it was the cover. If you like the most luxrious color of white you have ever seen; ever.. try this book. Once. Twice and Three times your sold. I am? Not there. Here. heheh wow. It goes without saying, that you should never grab things out of despiration. EVER. I would perscribe both the antipsychoic and the melatonin supplment. Devils claw. Milk thistle. Bye. Really? Yes really! Scream bloody murder! There may be more than one of them in at the hotel room if you are feeling woody, and there is a vacancy. Not this hotel room. Its not even a roomreally; and they are not coming back. So, go sweep the floor you are only 40 years old. hahah
Featured Books for December 1, 2017
Richard M. Morales

Print Length: 40 pages 40 pages ASIN: B077LVBXC2
Rank: none none Publication Date: none none
This book is about making money from your writing. It covers old school stuff through modern advances in the writing world. The section and example on legal/ethical opinions can keep you out of hot water with your chain-of-command (note the key word "can" - you can still get in trouble regardless of whether you buy this book or not). It covers the very fast Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) process (a small chart displays easy how-to), noting that Amazon has a new KDP paper publishing process (not CreateSpace). And explains why some novels never get finished, as well as the key to successful blogging, traditional freelance article how-to, Fiverr gigs, and writing jobs that may be found at LinkedIn via reverse-resume search.
Making money from writing is a mystery that is rarely solved. It can even be a tweaker situation. For example, investigate the cost of completing a days work with a qualcomm device sent from your 18 wheeler. It is literraly unbeliveable to recover some of the log files that I have written. What makes things worse is the towering bank of america building. Do you have any idea what 50,000 people do in there? I dont. Have a moment to look at before you back those trailer wheels up; rt. 580 to San Francisco will thank you. Writing for is farcical. Writing for Georgetown Univeristy is only farcical if you have some kind of dispensation for paying $7 for a pack of Marlboros. But it gets worse. Have you ever thought of your pen name? Where is your pen name? lol If you want to start your writing with you ending, Richard M. Morales certianly has some strange ideas and sometimes great ideas that might be worth the effort. In days. days. lol
Featured Books for November 24, 2017
Bill Oatfield

Print Length: 66 pages 66 pages ASIN: B07772H26W
Rank: none none Publication Date: none none
How would you like to pay way less per month and still live in your dream home? Well, that’s the promise that a shipping container home offers! These small houses are taking the world by storm at the moment, and rightfully so. Combine a massive oversupply of containers with people looking to live in cheap homes, that are even eco-friendly, and you can see why building container homes is a match made in heaven.
Parcels of land for sale can be very attractive especially when all you have to do is find a way to get out of the rain and you can end up sitting there for more than a few years. Except for a few problems, namely; running water with a bath and a toliet. So why not buy a shipping container? lol The detailed information in this book can find you one and how to get it to where ever you may roam. Satellite Internet and a Roku and your hooked. Possibly a generator. Your good for it, trust me; couple of bucks a month at the storage place and your grand. That is before they sell your impossible furnature collection and your arms are too tired to chop any wood after constantly running from the cops. There is no more amunition for the 30/30. We dont want to talk anymore. Frighting! Then what? Buy a shipping container... lol Bill Oatfield has written a great book and it would be worth a look; especially with programs like Alaskan Bush People where Alaskans live on every corner! for free... zzz
Featured Books for October 31, 2017
Vicky Loebel

Print Length: 362 pages 362 pages ASIN: B008DPG0YO
Rank: none none Publication Date: none none
She's a witch who doesn't believe in magic. He's a demon who doesn't believe in purchasing souls. Get ready for Keys to the Coven, a witty urban fantasy where karma is power, sex is karma, and it isn't who you know but whose soul you own that matters.
In Keys to the Coven, there is a right way and a wrong way all the way down. But maybe someone hasant bothered to understand that either. Demons rule thier abscence. The body is the eye and his kingdom shall have no end. You will have to know quite a bit in order to read Keys to the Coven, granted you are dead and you allow these ideas to float past you like water under the bridge. Stare at your nemesis, the pentagram; another egyptian holliday. Read this book if you actually like shopping at dollar general. Royal crown cola is wonderful. But now, you can buy coca-cola for one dollar every day at Walmart. No sale? Maybe she was overweight and ate them all. That's alot.. of sexy time. Maybe she was dreadfully sexy and there is nothing you can do about it. Either way Keys to the Coven has expensive tastes and that's no lie. The alterative is exhaustfully simple.
Featured Books for October 22, 2017
Kelly Ballantyne

Print Length: 48 pages 48 pages ASIN: B00W0C1W76
Rank: none none Publication Date: none none
If you want to learn how the bitcoin system works and how to make money with it, then this book is for you!
Cryptography has been at war since nearly the first time natzis intercepted a crpytographic hash. Even 128-bit enycryption for SSL is impossible to decode. I will repeat that. Impossible. So, knowing that... what else is "on the radar". To decry the mystery is easy, but to be absolutely sure your right is priceless. If you dont know anything about bitcoin then this book begins to explain what it is. It is absolutely criminal; but think ahead.. lol I make one bitcoin deposit to a vendor. And I never make one again to the same vendor. This devalues the currency to the dullard who recived the depost. Now, its that easy to turn bitcoin away isnt it? NO. Bitcoin is laughable, however this is done at the expense of someone else. And thats not right; however you want to "spin it" you are staring the judge in the face. So, look in the mirror, then dig to China. You are "starting at tab" with a foreign government! Read it for the smilies. lol
Featured Books for October 12, 2017
T.W. Lanning

Print Length: 35 pages pages 140 pages ASIN: B075191ZMH
Rank: none none Publication Date: none none
When a young girl becomes marooned on a planet that is long believed to be dead, she quickly discovers that it is anything but dead. She will have to use her wits if she is to survive in this barbaric society.
13 was not a popularity contest, I was loosing fitness and like most beautiful things; a silver back gorrila threw a huge turd around as the daily consequence. I resented every single year as a High School freshman; and like a fool I could hardly belive that I was even going to graduate. Well, it is even HARDER than it looks at this very moment. Perfectly acceptable to the SAT board. lol Not to Juile. Who is Juile? Where did she come from? Nobody knows. wow. I dont really know, other than a hot girl in biology class that used to occupy my mind. Constantly. Insessantly. They didnt even care to discuss what was said of Juile. No they dont; they want...the rich and poor alike. Unfortunately, like... BARD0; high school was also about what the world could possibly be doing all the time. and on and on. But dont find out why unexpectedly in Lords-Uster. no, no. Read Lords-Uster. Twice maybe. lol At only 140 pages it has nothing in common with you; that is if you want to risk loosing every thing that was said of yourself already and know nothing about it. yet. phear.
Featured Books for October 9, 2017
Yoni Binstock

Print Length: 35 pages pages 668 pages ASIN: B01JN9O540
Rank: #2092 in Career Guides Publication Date: August 2, 2016
The solar industry is an amazing place to be working in right now. Learn how you can make a difference in the world and make money at the same time by working in this exciting field. How To Get a Job in The Solar Industry is the top book out on how to get a job in the solar industry. As someone who has worked at companies like Solar Mosaic and Solar City, I guide you on how you can get a job in the solar field. By the end of the book, you will know what companies are hiring, what role suits you best, and how to nail the interview process.
Here is a short informational book similar to how to get into the oil industry. etc. Getting into the oil industry is as simple as beliving the man on the street when he tells you about SeaCor I traveled all the way to Huma, LA to find out; very low on gasoline money. Bridge after bridge and strange seascapes could only lead to one conclusion. The oil industry is not unionized. So who funds the solar industry? We dont know right? Find out in how to get into the solar industry by Yoni Binstock. Youll have to pay him 2.99, but the many websites found within the book are very helpful because these companies are hiring. Why? lol We dont know but if you spend time in construction long enough; all those specialized guys are always so high class and they pay in gold. What a fit!
Featured Books for August 14, 2017
Cynthia Rayne

Print Length: 668 pages 668 pages ASIN: B06XWWWZX2
Rank: #8 in Psychological Publication Date: March 27, 2017
I had a crappy 21st birthday, and now Ive got the hangover from hell.Ive wanted Kate since I first laid eyes on her, which is insane--shes half my age and my employee, but I cant stop wanting her. Needing her. And when she accidentally discovers my dirty little secret, I have no reason to do the right thing anymore. So Im going to make her mine in every sense of the word. KATE I had a crappy 21st birthday, and now Ive got the hangover from hell.
Cynthia Rayne writes about a strange ceo. I remeber when it was collusive enough just to nag someone to death; investigating all of these scenes myself. However, the ceo cant put together until she... discovers him working at 3am in the office. starts with a nineteen year old; no; definately six hundred and sixy eight pages. Sleep. From there, which i think is the most difficult part of reading it; is the sex writing. Learn how it becomes defamitory with your 5 year old self in charge of the three thousand foot tall buildings rent. Give hime a nick name instead right? haha.

Another stange factoid is istead of going home to work out and then jack off to the hot subway ride... Make up your bed only. Make an allegence with a cold hard bitch. Where the popular dellima is done willfully, using words like this is challenging. lol Even if coco the cat aready has that solution reserved for himself. Full well knowing what the consquence of occlusion is; cold hard bitch has the only chair to accomidate how much you had shrunk when you go home to meet your parents in charge of the dom perigon! lol

Further, if you need examples of how to defect, investigate the cost of rent for a auto lift and air compressor. Depending on where other aspiring ceos are; these have become tire stores; and even a junk recycling center. Also, I cant imagine what is to be said of such a high rent. absolutely nothing! hello? zzz lol So cynthia tells us in so many different ways; that I will remind you right now. But it is convenient for you? What is your time shedule like? lol we dont really know. pay. pay. pay. Read rough ride if you are excited about any of the things people have decided to do with their lives other than go blind. And ... they dont belive it! However, Ill literally have the kate salad now with the jaw bone soup. +++ thanks. Solving the mystery is really not difficult at all; however, if you notice the secretaries finger nails have grown past six inches then, write cynthia an email. lol
Featured Books for August 4th
Anna Fox

Print Length: 35 pages 35 pages ASIN: B074DX14ZM
Rank: Publication Date: July 30, 2017
The beautiful thing about mindfulness is that everything can become mindfulness practice, literally everything. Whatever you do mindfully, with presence and awareness of what you are doing, you are practicing mindfulness. However, there are also some simple ways and techniques that you can apply in your life throughout the day that can help you with your mindfulness practice.
Anna Fox takes her name well, but is it in mindfullness? yes. Is it knightly? well... I did the best I could and failed in a mire of regret. I started with say for example flordia, and I drove through florida through some spectactular sights; shall we say. They always made me happy. One of the happiest moments was remebering that the golden retriver dog liked to drive with his paws on the wheel; after hearing a new song named: california. The people in florida poked me so hard I turned into a dog. I was a dog on the way to california. Dogs join the army reserve. Dogs join the coast guard. Were going to Calfornia. hahah I cant stop laughing after all the pain and sorrow remembering that none of these assemblies amounted to more than the common theif. Im a dog. The state of the union was so bad; I could not even think of picking up a beer. lol Why are you laughing? Why? Well; I had no right to laugh. Florida put on a new face when I got to dealing with Nevada. Casino. Casino. Casino. I didnt know I was not allowed to gamble at all! So, all the people doing the will of others struck me even harder. Take care of mindfullness. Nevada is still here! Ask the big star in the sky; beset by mindfullness once and you will understand it all rather quickly. If you are St. francis... well you just might drift a bit suddenly that way if you can even get up after reading: Mindfulness for everyday people by Anna Fox. Hold all your credit cards; keys etc.. no joke. no magic shows. And if you are greatful enough to find a friend, beside a wearysome place to live, be rest assured knowing the magician is throwing darts at your picture as we speak. Earth is a beautiful place. Megaton nuclear halocausts will cost the investigators bones and and a beleif in the first sign of the old virignia testament; but what is the point in being lame anyway. heheh read it.
Featured Books for August 4th

Print Length: 160 pages 160 pages ASIN: B06XT5NL69
Rank: #36 in Parenting & Relationships Publication Date: March 22, 2017
RELATIONSHIP OBSTACLES, WHAT WE HIDE AND WHY WE LIE. The book is based on experience, facts, and high tech wisdom. The lessons it offers will be of a tremendous help to humanity. Augustus Michael was able to expose the reality of obstacles in relationships. Actually, the issue of the family pattern is one major topic humans neglects. The manner in which the author spoke on family patterns, family traditions will awake humans to realize these matters are no longer a myth.
This book is a bit odd but it holds your attention; especially if your goal is to make enough money to go skiing or relax... at the beach. Who are we kidding right? So far I have lost 60 lbs and I feel great. These kinds of idioms run the world. Never fall for the devils daughter or the devils son. At the same time I cant very well be lude; or perverse because I dont really know who would be responsible for my living habits but myself! I started mine at about 11 years old. But I wasant sure about making any conclusions by saying so. So, there is the asiatic stork figure planet where you cant really move very quickly, the mindless orc planet and a man where the red fern grows. All very disturbing choices and what is worse is living with a satan, because every thing he did say was true! Thats what he does and he wants to digest you. He even will tell you that you are purposefully malificent until it comes out the other end! Well, dont go over there anymore. A popular one, in my circumstance. Meaning the college dorm as well as the sat II group you started with in high school. You are so far down from Rome that you can best a 90 year old doctor. What are you talking to me for? Im flat broke! As a shaman is not difficult to cast the satan aside, but he is truely diffcult to understand. Even then, closely examine who was responsible for doing this anyway. *poof* Read RELATIONSHIP OBSTACLES: WHAT WE HIDE AND WHY WE LIE by AUGUSTUS MICHAEL.
Featured Books for July 30
Laney Hughes

Print Length: 46 pages 46 pages ASIN: B00UFAJ9YI
Rank: #12 in Divorce Publication Date: March 8, 2015
Its always fun to reflect back on how you and your significant other first got together. Whats not to love about remembering the initial attraction and your first dates that were filled with giggles and butterflies? Whether that was a long time ago or fairly recent, its a large part of the reason youre reading this book right now. Although you or your partner dont feel the same warm loving feelings at the present moment, you want to know if its possible to get them back, and if so, then how? Things happen in a relationship that causes the positive emotions such as attraction and respect to morph into ugly feelings of anger or dislike. And yet in spite of that, you somehow still want to mend and salvage your relationship to bring back those old lovin feelings.
Laney Hughes puts some ideas about relationships to the test. I would say without a doubt to never choose your battles. ever. Never shack it up in an apartment unless you have already become a fixuture. Alright a hedge. NEVER. hello? I have been single for thirteen- years with some serious problems; so I have that. I have moved three times, and can you even imagine being excommunicated. stop. forever. for the rest of eternity; from the catholic church. the first church on the known planet. Then examine; in the united states. end. lol I really liked my first girl friend, and since then she has had a son; which was no easy thing to do. But it had to be done right? why? how? errrr. So I left my second girl friend with a stern warning. I was very, very frightened that she sat there with me at the human develpment department yelling about emanicpation. Who does that? Why would I be responsible for her dissapointment? Cry. So there was the third girlfriend, who wasant really ever a girl friend; and the fourth girlfreind; that I remember riding in some terenchal rain and blank....Who was the madman who said they slept with so and so? Its too damn hot? fake what>? go go go. Amyway, so the fifth girlfriend; that I drove around in a ... car with. The car is half the idea at that point. right? well, it didnt work. She was very interested in other places.. things.. lol Then the SIXTH girlfriend... she just offered some strange advice and we all have something that drives us; just hope that never goes away. please. And I never married. no trouble. no mistakes. Drive the bus with Laney Hughes while contimplaiting with some sightness; what she could possibly do in the next bedroom apartment room without you. lol omg! <3
Featured Books for July 30th.
Marleen Grayson

Print Length: 46 pages 28 pages ASIN: B00UG2MVP4
Rank: #2 in Personality Disorders Publication Date: March 8, 2015
If you suspect someone you know is narcissistic and you want to know how to deal with it (and how to help), then this book is for you! Read on your PC, Mac, smart phone, tablet, or Kindle device. Narcissism is not an easy personality trait to deal with. Especially if you don’t know what to look out for, or if you don’t understand why the narcissist is acting the way they do. Many people who are initially dismissed as "selfish" actually turn out to be narcissists. These are people who typically focus too much (or in some cases - entirely) on themselves because they believe they are superior to others. Those afflicted with narcissism are typically not very happy individuals, even though at first glance it may look like they are. They actually suffer from a personality disorder that can only be addressed with the help of a caring friend or family member.
Marleen Grayson runs through something you may otherwise dismiss as the common slime ball. Slime balls however, are in all practicality a tanglble thing; namely skateboard wheels. Where are you going to get skateboard wheels if you dont have any? Ask for slimeballs. What if you are a ghost and someone else says that in your stead? You are definately Narcissistic. What if you drink alchol on purpose and doll out higher a plane of existence? What if an elvis hairdo is patent issue? Does the Narcissist have realistic expectations? no. You can assuridy bet that he or she doesent and I dont even own a sextant. Interesting thing about that is; some of them can be frighting because they dont know what this Narcissistic behavior does just quite yet. If you dont have to stay with a narcissist; dont. Stay here. Stay where you say? Here. Until when? Until I say, no privateers under penalty of law. heheh Why does the Narcissist expire? Where have they gone? no. no theyre gone. running.
Featured Books for July 23rd.
Will Jordan

Print Length: 28 pages 28 pages ASIN: B073B4LGY2
Rank: #1 Biographies & Memoirs Publication Date: June 25, 2017
Life’s hard but it’s harder when you’re stupid. My entire life I’ve struggled with my worthlessness and no one on this planet has my unique combination of imperfections and failures. I truly am special and that’s disregarding the extra tutoring and special ed classes I took growing up. I’m a reflective person and my mind often wanders to the numerous hordes of regrets and painful memories that I hold dear. Luckily I have a sense of humor and in this book I will share those comedic nuggets of self-induced worthlessness in the most self-deprecating way I can portray myself. We all have moments of complete and utter failure, these are a few of mine. These stories are as they happened and this book covers a full range of what it means to be worthless. I’ve discovered my specific brand of worthlessness and I hope you’ll enjoy yourself at my expense.
Will jordan describes worthlessness like never before in youre worthless and you know it. No one would suspect that his greatest adversary was pathetic in any way. lol Why? Maybe he couldent make those grades? Maybe he loved his father and he really wasant a god damned bastard. Maybe his great grand mother catherine liked the idea of gifted. Maybe no one bothered to tell him that he didnt know that. Maybe I never really understood clowns like he did; her majesty was majestic; and his excellency was not responsible for the manufacture of the peirce arrow. If you ever .. ever... get to visit the honor roll, if you so dare, how well did reading playboy s go over with the girls when you sat there on the enamorate plastic chairs? Lied... in your bed, tied to yesterdays news about... rome? Did you have any lawyers present at the pig and wistle namering about yourself. lol I hate you. And your a vagrant. I cant stand you. Go put your head in the toilet. Definately worthless lawn equipment there. You think? You think? Also did you care for your @#%^ing seat assignment? Finnally, if you walk that way with will jordan.. then youll be more than a little late for dinner... But didnt you ... also... know... someone knew that? nope. heheh just kidding; read it if the television is boring or whatever.
Featured Books for July 17th
Susan G. Charles

Print Length: 58 pages ASIN: B00DRTD0FS
Rank: #37 in Medieval Publication Date: January 8, 2014
Susan G. Charles Catherine Berg has always been a strong person, even since she was a young child. The eldest daughter of the town’s blacksmith, she is not thrilled at all about her villages Century Bride tradition. Competing against other girls for the attentions of the Count seems a disgusting tradition to her.

Despite the town’s tempestuous past, despite the danger that the powerful Count keeps at bay, Catherine does not believe in the nursery rhyme taught to every inhabitant of the town since birth.

"Four our own safety, So we do not need to hide, Every century we give tribute, To Count August we give a bride."

A year before she and the other women of the town are to be offered up like sacrifices to the Count, she begins searching for a way to oust the archaic ritual. But when Count August saves Catherine and the town from the ravages of a band of marauding vampires, Catherine begins to finally understand the meaning behind the ritual.

Will Catherine sacrifice everything to become the new Century Bride?
What is a century bride? Have they stolen her last name or some such thing? This novel is odd like most medieval ... things.. and unfortunately they have been stuck there ... abominbly. But not because they wanted to; lol and they are all vampires. Everyone knows what that means, and it has little to do with the obvious. obviously. Has anyone screwed their head on this morning? Is there anything to steal from them before she faces the many many dire truths brought out by her parents... by herself? And ...would you belive stealing little as much? lol well, if it has anything to do with the town Jotenheim, so be it! The vampires vehamently hate this idea throuout the entire novel! But you miss them. And from nowhere and no one ... can return these benefactors to any benficiaries. like a tablet carved in... lol. read it. merica`

Featured Books for April 16th
Devra Robitaille

Print Length: 78 pages ASIN: B06XXTZ4L8
Rank: #14 in dogs! Publication Date: March 29, 2017
From Devra Robitaille: Join Muffy, the curious and happy-go-lucky Goldendoodle puppy and her fun-loving family, the Gabriels as they adopt a new pack member. Winter, the big white dog, is lost in the mountains of Tennessee and must be rescued by Captain Ross in Edna, the plucky little airplane. Muffy has a run-in with Mama Porkee, the porcupine, and meets Shi-mi, the Medicine Cat who spends her time helping all the animals at the vet. Winter flies in a helicopter, and meets the good people of Rolling Acres Sheep Farm where Chewey the Great Pyrenees teaches him how to guard the sheep. Hang out once more with this endearing and orderly pack; check in with Oliver, the heroic little Papillion, and Radar the retriever, and Jazz who is “blue”. Muffy and the Medicine Cat is a wonderful doggie adventure for kids aged seven through twelve, with colorful illustrations. And in the end……well, you’ll have to read it to find out, now won’t you?
Have you ever been turned into a cactus in arizona? Why is water for radiators only? Well so goes the palm trees. The irony writing about dogs is that I can never have one because at times; desire does give into heros that have names far above my own. lol Find out the gang in this novel! Do you really want to know? I dont think medicine cat will belive you. lol And that takes work. Tiresome, borsome work. With cigarettes in your face, maybe slightly higher after that fight!... How Tenesee struck that hour puts your heart elsewhere reading this fun book. Trust me, when the chips are down, if I ever re-ring my mustang; the only car suited for going particularly; nowhere... is the picture on the front of only about $300... x10000000000. lol Compare Before you rip off a considerable bit of malice from our four legged friends. I will try to be with cat, but if you like dogs; If you take good care of them, they have had enough and they are not going to take it anymore. scratching and biting into your ear around the campfire.. haha just kidding its a good camp story.
Featured Books for July 23rd
Georgia Rose

Print Length: 291 pages ASIN: B00HNU7Z26
Rank: #175 in Womens Adventure Publication Date: January 2, 2014
From Georgia Rose: A Single Step is my first novel, and is the first book in The Grayson Trilogy. It will eventually be joined by Before the Dawn and finally by Thicker than Water. The titles I can manage in the time I have available at the moment, the content is proving to be a little more tricky! I love the countryside, I walk our dogs and ride horses when possible, though that hasnt been much recently as Im currently lacking the essential ingredient of having access to a horse! Isolation appeals so the more remote the better. I struggle with towns, cities being particularly problematic, tall buildings, crowded streets, strangely claustrophobic. I enjoy writing (thats probably obvious), rewriting and editing (which is just as well), then reading a bit - quite a bit (thrillers, crime that sort of thing) before more writing and occasionally, when taking a break from writing, I get to watch a film, sometimes even making it as far as the cinema!
Pick this novel as your favorite, and go on an adventure; a european adventure? On a website? sure. All that remains to be seen at the begining of this book which takes you with the horrible lonesome sadness of losing someone; then is brought to bear like a credit card with no limit then one with no name on it. All be it true, now join us for tea at 3pm. lol I liked all of this kind of imagery, to think the truck is ready to meander accross some huge acherage, before settiling into an iron set of sheets untouched by a manor house of some six hundred years. We will never know what these people do for work, now go with Mrs. F and you will sure to enjoy this read. ++ Is it worth the 4.5 stars or the .99 cents? Definately both of them. I dont know how to instantly get ratings like that but its worth a shot. lol
Nathan Roden

Print Length: 399 pages ASIN: B01DFLDNVS
Rank: #1 In Suspense/Ghosts! Publication Date: March 24, 2016
From Nathan Roden: Nathan Roden is the author of the Wylie Westerhouse Series of ghost suspense stories. The first three books are available now: Ghosts on Tour, The Dark Stage, and The Lightnings Kiss. Nathans blog is available at Short stories from the World of Wylie Westerhouse are free to newsletter subscribers. Nathan would love to hear from you. Nathan lives in South Central Texas with his wife and two in-and-out sons, where he works a day job that he doesnt like to talk about. Nathan is both mature and immature, and sarcastic, and finds humor in strange places. Like so many of his fellow authors, Nathan enjoys talking about himself in third-person. The Roden family includes more dogs and cats than is necessary.
This book is cheerfully about ghosts. Lots of them. lol There is litterally a new ghost on every page. For starters, I have heard of Murder Truck; but ghost truck leaves the highway at the same time as you. Every night. I wouldent really say that the book is occult, like my book "Cartier" is; there are those elements too. Of the highest order! I dont really care for deamons when they come with doctors, but the doctors come with deamons here. I stopped at chapter 8, where maybe you could get a cue from dracula himself. lol +++
Okey F. Eni

Print Length: 305 pages ASIN: B00A7Y5R2K
Rank: #1 In African Poetry! Publication Date: November 14, 2012
From MR. Okey F. Eni: MR. Okey F. Eni was born on the 27th day of July 1966. He is a Lawyer and is in active legal practice. He started writing in the year 2000, and has written eighteen books at the last count. They are, four novels; namely Dreams. DMI1 and 2, Emma, The child prostitute. Eight books of poems, three books on womens right and three plays. Most of these books are unpublished and some of his poems have been published in journals and some anthologies. MR. Eni is married and live in Lagos Nigerian with his wife.
heh. I think this book is interesting to read from front to cover. Are you really trying to decypher its contents or go lark hunting? We dont really know. lol The fire is the first poem in the book, it could be uncovering a soildiers bear to arms; a mans doubt brought upon himself, the pecularity of percarious wanderings. Whatever it is, its hot here in Nigera; and it wont stop for you. It is a law here to pay your employer social security; but its not very old. Before that it was the back of luigis pizza shop but well never know. lol
John Simons

Print Length: 60 pages ASIN: B01JB1WHJK July 28, 2016
From John Simons: New to Pokemon Go?, well dont worry, we have everything you need for the complete beginner of any age. From installing the game to becoming a master trainer Pokemon Go - The Complete Beginners Guide - Completely Unofficial with Hints, Tips and Tricks! has everything you need to conquer Pokemon Go and be the envy of your friends. The book includes: Beginners guide to Capturing, Training and Battling in Pokemon Go Installation Guide Tips, cheats and hints to get your Trainer levelled up in no time at all! The only book to be updated weekly to give you the latest hints and tips straight to your device! Good luck and be safe!!!
This is a short informational book on the pokemon go franchise. lol It covers everything you need to know but dont have enough battery life to find out yourself. For instance did you know that a magic pikachu pokemon appears from the start area? Or that you can evolve eveee into one of three of her real names? heheh While most of us will spend poke-currency on lures and... insense; this book is everything any smartphone in the world is doing right now.